March March March….

What a year this has been already!!!

As you know, I got the new job! Yay! And I absolutely fricking adore it. I’ve never felt this happy in a job before and now I completely understand it when people say they ‘Love’ their job… ‘cause now I do too. *Insert smug face.

The other big thing that I teased about in my last post is that… WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!! And my oh my, what a house. What a street! Lovely neighbours, a quiet no through road, where the kids can play outside and the, what seem to be 20 cats that inhabit the street, come to shit in the bush by my front door… well, it wasn’t going to be all good news!

Moving house though, forgot what a ball-ache THAT is. We’ve been in six weeks and I still have boxes yet to be opened. And my Hinching cupboard needs a bloody good Hinch.

As if it’s March already.

As if it’s been four years since Mum left earth.

It’s so cliche to say but ‘Where the fuck has the time gone?’ I can’t believe it’s been four years since I held her hand. Heard her voice. Well technically that’s a lie because I listened to her voicemails the other day… Somedays I’m great. Somedays I want to get in the car and just drive away. Somedays I cry until I run out of tears. Then I curse myself cause my face gets hella sore and I look like I’ve had an allergic reaction. People said ‘it’ll get easier’ but it doesn’t. I’ve just become a better actress.

I’ll update you all on the kids when I have more time. B is a story and a half and I’m gonna need me a gin to write that post.

Until next time, peace ✌🏻

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