Guess who’s back?…

Back again…. Norma’s back, tell a friend….

Actually no, don’t tell a friend. Cause that’s what anxiety does. Isolates you. Makes you think crazy arse shit that you don’t even want to believe yourself let alone tell someone else!

Life is amazing right now. I got the new job! *Yay! I think I’m gonna love it! (Once the Microsoft nerd in me has converted to Mac 😬) and something else pretty amazing is going on but I can’t let that cat out of the bag just yet.

Today I’ve been totally exhausted. Working 12 hours yesterday to then come home to a poorly sick B, whom has slept the majority of the day after projectile vomming up the lounge wall, resulting in being wide awake until 3:15am. Kill me now.

All day I dreamt about my pillow. All. Damn. Day.



Head hits pillow.

Commence snooze time….


Why sleep when you can think about cancer, and illness, and leaving a young family behind because my death feels like it’s next door reading Heat magazine waiting for me to croak in my sleep…

UGH. Norma mate. Calm the Jeff down and let me get some kip!

But I get pins and needles in my arm. Queue 1000 thoughts of why?! What could it be? Holy shit I’ve got nerve problems… Okay Google, what’s the pain in my arm?

“It’s from where y’all’s chunky torso has been crushing it for the past 15 minutes”

Ah. Ok.

Nun night…. 😳

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