Change. Again?

Can’t sleep.

Night before a job interview butterflies.

I say butterflies like it feels like dainty, fluttery movements, when it’s actually a wild boar stomping on my tummy.

To be fair, it could be the gigantic Aunt Flo crippling me. Ugh.

I love working at the gym. I’ve made great friends and love all the regulars. But there are no daytime shifts and with B at pre-school 3 times a week now, I’m ready to tackle the day job and get my evenings back.

I hate job hunting. It’s fine this time around because I’m not desperately looking. I don’t NEED one. Trawling through Indeed every night is soul destroying. There’s literally nothing but warehouse/agencies and care work.

But… I found the perfect job. And this will be the first time I’ve had an interview for a job I actually want as opposed to ‘a job to fit in with the family’. Hence my wild boar stomping around…

Here’s hoping my next slice of life update will be a happy one 🤞🏻


Jem x

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