One down! One to go!

Finally, things seem to be coming together

• Health & fitness

• Family

• Most importantly, me.

To say I’ve struggled since B was born is an understatement. No-one could have prepared me for what was about to go down. And even after his health improved, mine was getting worse. Physically, yes I was fine. Mentally, I was a downright mess.


Introducing Norma, to catch up.

Today, marks a goal I set in January. I lost 14 lbs. One whole stone. I like to think of it, as that’s one whole stone of bad vibes gone forever.

I’m definitely starting to feel like I’ve shed a layer of who I was last year. The big question is though, how many layers need shedding until I’m ‘Me’ again? I could be a fucking onion. Layer after layer I mean, not the stinky, make you cry kinda way. Lolz.

Yes I said lolz, it’s been a long day. It’s also 5:45pm and I’ve already 2 gins. Not sorry.

Disclaimer: Will never be sorry for gin consumption.

Gym update: I’ve actually been! Call me crazy pants but I actually really enjoy it! I do a boot camp session on a Thursday, which is tough as hell but I’m literally high on happiness and ya know, sweat, afterwards.

Looking forward to not one, but two holidays in the next few weeks and some exciting plans are being made. Watch this space ⚠️

Jem x

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